1. The name of the League shall be the Bannside Indoor Bowling League.

  2. The object of the League shall be to promote, foster and regulate the game of indoor bowling amongst member clubs of the League.

  3. The League shall be affiliated to the Irish Indoor Bowling Association.

  4. The League shall be managed by a Council composed of the Office-bearers and two delegates from each member club.

  5. The Office-bearers shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the League.

    The Chairman and Vice-chairman shall be elected annually. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a period of two years alternately. (i.e. The Secretary shall be elected for a two year period at the first election, and the Treasurer for one year at the first election. At the next election the Secretary will remain in office and the Treasurer will be elected for a two year period).

  6. Membership of the League shall be confined to ten clubs within twelve miles of Coleraine. Application for admission to the League Secretary for consideration and election at the Annual General Meeting or at a subsequent Council Meeting.

  7. The admission fee for membership and the annual subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. It must be paid before 31st October each year.

  8. The financial year shall terminate on 31st March.

  9. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in the month of April of each year for the purpose of:
    1. To receive reports from the Secretary and Treasurer.
    2. To elect officers for the year.
    3. To appoint two Honoury Auditors.
    4. To appoint any sub-committees as may be required.
    5. To receive and discuss any Notices of Motion which shall have been given in writing to the Secretary on or before the 28th February. Notices of Motion must be worded in the manner in which the Proposer wishes the addition to, alteration of, or deletion of any rule to appear in the Constitution and Rules of the League.

  10. Seven days notice (in writing) of a Council meeting shall be sent by the Secretary to each member of the Council. In the case of an emergency meeting shorter notice will be permissable. Five voting members shall form a quorum.

  11. The Emergency and Rules Committee shall consist of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman with the Secretary and one member from each of the clubs currently participating in the League.

  12. The Emergency and Rules Committee shall be competent to put forward Notices of Motion for decision at the Annual General Meeting.

  13. Voting may be by show of hands, one vote to each club, the majority to carry, except in the case of a Notice of Motion, in which case a two to one majority shall be required. The Chairman shall have a deliberate vote and a casting vote, in the case of an equality of votes. If any member wishes any question under discussion to be put to a vote by ballot, then that method of voting shall be adopted.

  14. The Council's interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding.

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