League Rules

These rules are supplemental to those in the Irish Indoor Bowling Association Rule Book.

  1. All League matches shall be played under the Rules of the game published by the Irish Indoor Bowling Association.

  2. A player shall represent only one club in the League in any one year except by the consent of the Council.

    1. Matches shall be played on a home and away basis as arranged on the fixture list agreed by the Council.
    2. A match shall be a team game and shall be played on two or more mats, arranged as rinks of four players each. The mats on which the games are played shall be nominated by the visiting team.
    3. Teams shall not include more than six players from a North-West League team or Limavady A League team, in any one match. In the event of a team being short, it shall be permitted to play four players a second time, namely the lead or second, in the second half provided the players are played on a different mat to that on which they first played.
    4. Games shall be of ten ends.
    5. The points to be allocated for each match shall be:
      • Three points for each match victory, and one point for each winning rink.
      • In the event of a rink match tying, a half point will be allocated to each rink.
    6. The following “Burnt End” Rule shall apply:
      • The first burnt end by each rink shall be disregarded, and the end shall be replayed. For each subsequent burnt end by either side, two shots will be awarded to the opposing rink and the end counted as an end played.
    7. In the event of two or more clubs tying for the League Championship, a play-off shall be arranged.
    8. If a bowl be delivered with such force as to pass over the fender, or to drive another bowl over the fender, the opposing skip shall have the option of:
      1. Claiming 3 shots and counting the end as an end played; or
      2. Counting the end as an end played and claiming the shots lying after the bowl has gone over the fender; or
      3. Completing the end; or
      4. Counting the end as a dead end, and playing the end anew.

      • Note: If the jack is also driven over the fender (Law 26: Jack driven over the fender) rule will only apply. i.e. If a jack, whether playable or in the ditch, is driven over the fender by a player, the opposing skip shall have the option of:
        1. Claiming 3 shots and counting the end as an end played; or
        2. Counting the end as a dead end and playing the end anew.

  3. Within three days, the result of the match shall be sent to the League Secretary by the home team on the League Match Return Form.

  4. The Secretary shall make a draw and submit such draw to the League Council for approval at the beginning of the season. The draw shall cover matches for the whole season in such a manner that each club shall play one home game and one away game, with each of the other member clubs. The club so drawn shall play against each other as they stand in the draw. Each club shall be provided with at least one copy of the fixtures list.

  5. A period of six days shall be allowed for the playing of each match. The home club shall select a match night and this shall be entered on the League fixture list. Failure of the home or visiting club to appear on the night, without good or sufficient reason, shall cause the club to forfeit the match to their opponents. Matches played after the set date, without prior permission will result in the forfeiture of seven points by the offending club. Games should be played within six days of the week (Monday – Saturday). If unable to be played the League Secretary must be advised, and an agreement replaying the game within the next six days by mutual agreement of both teams.

  6. When a game is stopped on account of light failure, or any other valid reason, it shall be resumed with the scores as they were when the game was stopped.

  7. In all matches, suitable footwear (flat heelless shoe) must be worn.

  8. Protests and appeals must be sent to the Secretary by recorded delivery within three days, accompanied by a sum of two pounds (£2) which will be returned if the appeal is upheld. A copy of the protest claim or complaint shall be sent to the opposing club. The League Secretary shall call a meeting of the League Council, which must be held within seven days, except Sunday, of the receipt of the claim, to deal with the matter.

  9. A triples tournament shall be promoted by the League, and it shall take whatever form the Council may decide at the first meeting of the season, i.e. by knockout or league system. 12 ends.

  10. The rules of play shall be as the rules governing matches, played between league teams. Teams shall consist of four rinks of three players. Games shall be twelve ends.

  11. The Chest, Heart and Stroke Tournament shall be played as a knock-out competition. Rules of play shall be as rules governing matches played between League teams.

  12. Game decisions for knock-out competitions:

    • Matches shall be decided on the “shots-up” system. If, where the agreed number of ends have been played, the scores are equal, the last rink to finish plays an extra end or ends until a decision has been reached.

  13. The council's interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding.

(Proposed and passed at the AGM of Council 30th April 1984, and amended at the AGM 13th April 1999.)


    Rule 3 (e) April 2001: The Emergency and Rules Committee shall consist of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman with the Secretary and one member from each of the clubs currently participating in the League.

    Rule 11 of Constitution: AGM April 2008: The points to allocate from each match shall be:

    • One point for each winning rink, one point for winning the first half.
    • One point for winning the second half, one point for the winning club overall.
    • Half a point to be awarded in the event of a tie.

    New Rule 2011:
    1. Starting from Week 1, All participants must be present in good time for the start of matches.
      Those who are late beyond the grace period of 10 minutes at the start of the first half, and beyond 21.30 in the second half, will forfeit their right to play. Any rink left without sufficient players will be subject to the shots reduction method as laid out in the "Order of Play".
      All other Bannside rules remain in force.

    (Addendum to League Rules: September 2011)

    New Rules 2012:
    1. The home team shall have pick of mats. It is suggested that the home team lay their cards face down with designated mat numbers written on the back. The away team will then place their cards on top of these cards, face down. Thus the mats will be chosen as anonymously as possible.
    2. Home team will have control of the jack. i.e. the home team will play to the jack first in both halves of the game.

    (Addendum to League Rules: 20 th September 2012)

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